Lumiso Chlorine Photometer Kit 0-5ppm & 0-250ppm

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Lumiso Chlorine

For rapid accurate analysis of chlorine across the 0-5mg/L range but also up to 250mg/L use our high range chlorine test. Lightweight, yet robust for field use, the Lumiso Chlorine offers simple reliable testing for drinking water and also process water applications.

Lumiso Chlorine is a lightweight kit, designed with a reusable water-resistant reagent box for convenient storage and space for spare test tubes and check standards.

Additionally the kit has USB connectivity to enable data management and compliance with live date and time stamping.

AquaGo ChemChek Order As: TS 5497

Test Tablets: Please Order Separately under Test Tablets Shopping Product Tab

Test Tablet Codes:  TS 5511 Phot. Grade DPD No.1 Chlorine (FAC) 0-5.0ppm Test Tablets, pk250
                                TS 5578 Phot. Grade DPD No.3 Chlorine (for TAC) 0-5.0ppm Test Tablets, pk250

                                TS 5517 Phot. Grade Chlorine HIGH RANGE 0-250ppm Test Tablets, 250 Tests
                                              (Pack Contains Acidifying GP Tablets (250) and Chlorine HR Tablets (250)

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