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The only Correct way to do the DPD Test for Free Available Chlorine (FAC) is to ADD 1 x Tablet to a damp Sample Tube, then Crush it Up with the Tablet Crusher, then ADD the Pool Water sample up to the 10ml Sample Level mark

Ensure that your Facilities Staff & Lifeguards/Water Treatment Plant Operators  are doing this correctly, for optimum Accurate Test Results.

NOTE: Using Photometer Grade  DPD Tablets is the only accurate way to test.  (Liquid Reagents or Spin Systems are inaccurate from our 45 years of Experience)

Download the PDF Instructions Sheet by Clicking  on this Page. You can then Print It,  Laminate it and place it above your TEST BAY BENCH Area. 

One Button is All it Takes!

AquaGo Murdock® Maintenance Advantage® Water Coolers feature a single mechanical button for simple maintenance. Other water coolers on the market have three electronic buttons that can complicate maintenance and add potential failure points.

Additionally, removing the integral stop-strainer automatically shuts off the water, so you can

# Remove and Clean the Strainer

# Remove and Replace the Valve Cartridge

Specify AquaGo Murdock Drinking Water Fountains for your Projects today.

Rely on AquaGo for over 25years in the Water Dispensing Products industry.

Palintest Lumiso POOL EXPERT Water Test Photometers

Lumiso Pooltest Expert is a multi-parameter benchtop photometer designed as an all-round solution for pool and spa water testing needs. From pool managers through to professional engineers, this photometer is suitable for testing multiple times daily, quickly and accurately across key and troubleshooting parameters. 

With a large touchscreen interface and simple to follow onscreen instructions the Lumiso Pooltest Expert can be used with little to no prior training. It’s robust construction and IP67 waterproof design ensures it can be used in situ in any environment even with wet hands. Lumiso Pooltest Expert also benefits from easy results retrieval and data traceability for audit compliance purposes. With 35 tests routine and troubleshooting testing is made easy with quick and accurate results.

Why Buy Water from your Supermarket....when you can Filter it at home and chill it in your Fridge, at a fraction of the cost. No more heavy plastic flagons or bottles to have to lift and store.

Check out our Doulton DIY Do It Yourself undersink filter quick, easy and simple to install.

We all know how crucial brushing and flossing are, but drinking water should also be part of our daily dental routine.

A consistent intake of water is essential for a healthy set of gnashers and gums. But how, exactly, does H₂O help? Here’s the lowdown on the very close relationship between drinking water and our dental health.

Murdock H2O to Go Water Dispensing Products

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