AquaGo 1011 Indoor Bi-Level Drinking Water Station & Auto Bottle Filler (VR Buttons)

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Vandal-Resistant, Wall-Mounted, Universal Bi-Level Push Button Drinking Fountain with H2O-to-Go!® Touchless Water Bottle Filling Station - In-Unit Refrigeration (8GPH), ADA, Stainless Steel

A Design as Refreshing as the Water it Serves! Our barrier-free, vandal resistant, bi-level water cooler has been redesigned exclusively to work both in form and function with our H2O to go! sensor activated bottle filler. This bottle filler has a slimmer body and more inviting aesthetics than traditional bottle fillers and ensures maximum style, functionality and hydration. This cooler features our 8 gallon per hour chiller and is available in all stainless steel. Fixture meets ADA, ADA Standing Person, and ADA Child requirements when properly installed.

This Indoor Unit has the Vandal Resistant Chrome Buttons to activate Water Flow from each bubbler. Designed for Indoor Installation. If installing Outdoors on External Wall, area must be completely Weather Proof & Fully Covered.

Specify As: AquaGo 1011  Murdock A172.8-UG-VR-BF12 (A172400S) Bi Level Chilled Drinking Water Station with Anti Squirt Chrome Bubblers  and Auto Sensor Operated Bottle Filler, 230-240Volt 50Hz  20 Amp

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