DPD No.1 RAPID Dissolving Tablets, pk250

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DPD No 1 Rapid  (250 tabs)

250 x DPD No.1 Test Tablets

Diethyl-p-phenylenediamene  (DPD) tablet 1 dissolves rapidly to determine the chlorine or bromine content of your pool. It reacts with the pool water sample, changing its colour in various shades of red—the deeper the colour, the higher the concentration of the sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) present. All you need is your existing 5ml or 10ml pool water sample vial and the colour chart that came with the kit.


  • 10 tablets per one foil sealed tablet card - 25 in total
  • Foil-wrapped for freshness
  • Compatible with  Lovibond, Palintest, LaMotte and many other kits
  • Rapid dissolving
  • TEST DETECTION RANGE: 0-5.00ppm or mg/L  Free Available Chlorine
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