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Alkalinity (Alkaphot) Test Tablets,Photometer Grade,pk250

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Product Code: TS 5501
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ALKALINITY (TOTAL) Alkaphot Test Tablets, 250 TABLETS

Reagent tablets for use with the Palintest Photometers and  Pooltest series of swimming pool test Photometer meters.

Detection Range  0-500ppm Total Alkalinity CaCO3

Pack of 250 test tablets.

Compatible with:

Pooltest 9 Photometer
Pooltest 10 Photometer

Pooltest 3 Photometer/Lumiso Pooltest 3
Pooltest 6 Photometer/Lumiso Pooltest 6

Photometer 5000
Photometer 7100
Photometer 7500

Order Code:  TS 5501

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