Pet Fountain, Ground Mounted in Stainless Steel or Green Finish

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Round Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

This on-the-ground, outdoor dog water fountain is intended to be mounted on a wall. It features a side-mounted, foot-activated push button, and the non-squirt bubbler will ensure pets get the hydration they need without unwanted surprises.

The base unit and bowl is constructed of durable corrosion- and scratch-resistant stainless steel. Available finishes include satin stainless steel and green, red, or blue powdercoat. Custom color finishes are available upon request.

A year-round freeze-resistant option is also available.

 The water supply and waste outlet are on the bottom of the unit.

Specify As:

AquaGo Murdock GRT-74 Pet Fountain Ground Mounted in Satin Stainless Steel Finish (an In-Line 350kPa Pressure Limiting Valve must be installed)

AquaGo Murdock GRT-75 Pet Fountain Ground Mounted in GREEN Powder Coat Finish (an In-Line 350kPa Pressure Limiting Valve must be installed)

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