Benchtop Turbidity Meter TB1000

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Order As: TS 2161 Eutech TB1000 Benchtop Turbidity Meter Complete

Product Description/Details

Product Features

  • Multi-Point Push-Button Calibration (Up to 3 points) for optimum full-range accuracy of ± 2% full scale
  • Auto-Ranging for fast response and best resolution (up to 0.01 NTU) over wide measurement range
  • Push-Button Calibration is hassle-free, quick and easy
  • Auto-Alert Calibration prompts at user-defined interval to ensure regularly scheduled recalibration for ISO and GLP compliance
  • RS232 Communication interface to download data to a printer or PC for report documentation
  • Built-in Real-time Clock stamps stored data and calibration data with time & date - meets standards for GLP purposes
  • Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting
  • Pour-Through Assembly Module (optional) allows instantaneous sampling without having to transfer samples into cuvettes thus saving time.

The CyberScan TB1000 series turbidity meters (employing the Nephelometric non-ratio or NTU principle) are designed to meet stringent requirements of today's scientists. TB1000 series meet the performance criteria specified by USEPA method 180.1 for NTU measurement and ISO 7027 (IR version). Ideal for beverage production, drinking water, waste water treatment, petrochemical and electroplating applications.


Turbidity Range 0 to 1000 NTU
Resolution & Accuracy 0.01 NTU (0 to 9.99 NTU); 0.1 NTU (10 to 99.9 NTU);
1 NTU (100 to 1000 NTU)
& ± 2% of Measured Range + 0.01 NTU
Repeatability ± 1% of Measured Range + 0.01 NTU
No. of Calibration Points Up to 3 points
Calibration Options 4 points (0.02, 10, 100, 1000)
Light Source White Light (Tungsten) or Infrared
Response Time < 6 seconds
Real-time Clock Date and Time
Output RS232
Power 12VDC, using AC adapters 240V/50Hz/15 Amps

Order Information

EC-TBDIR1000/20 CyberScan TB 1000 Infra-Red Turbidity Bench Meter (NTU) with calibration kit (ECTBDIRCALKT) & 220 VAC power adapter (EC-220ADA800)

EC-TBDW1000/20 CyberScan TB 1000 White Light Turbidity Bench Meter (NTU) with calibration kit (ECTBDWCALKT) & 220 VAC power adapter (EC-220ADA800)
EC-TBDWCALKT Calibration Kit Set for EC-TBDW1000 (0.02, 10.0, 1000 NTU)
EC-TBDIRCALKT Calibration Kit Set for EC-TBDIR1000 (0.02, 10.0, 1000 NTU)
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