DPD No. 1 (FAC) Chlorine Test Strips for 10ml Sample

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DPD-1 Free Chlorine Test Strip offers a safe and convenient delivery system for your DPD testing.

With  DPD-1 Free Chlorine Test Strip, there are no more tablets to crush, powders to spill, or dispensers that release irritating dust.

All reagents, as identified in the AWWA Handbook (4500-Cl G.), are delivered from the  Strip pads built into the end of the Test Strip.

Can be used with most 10 ml DPD Free Chlorine photometer systems. Insert into your 10ml Water Sample vial and Swirl the Strip around for approx 10-15 seconds, then Take the Test.

A direct replacement for HACH Powder Pillow Reagent Sachet Systems.

Cost Effective.

Order as TS 1400 DPD No.1 FAC Chlorine Test Strips, Supplied in Box of 100 Strips.
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