Deminimiser- Cartridge (Refillable) Mounting & Connector Pack Set

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The DEMINIMISER Water Deionising System is a simple, yet very cost effective system to produce your own supplies of Laboratory Grade Deionised Water on-site, from your own water supply. It is ideal for LEAD-ACID Battery Service Agents, Steam Iron Refills, Reagent Manufacture etc.

The Kit consists of a Refillable Cartridge containing MIXED BED RESIN (Colour Change Indicator Type) which is connected to your Water Supply via a Mounting Pack, consisting of 6mm Tube and Mounting Accessories. A TAP Connector supplied fits to any Standard Sink Mixer Faucet and means you can run your Sink Mixer as normal, or Divert the Water through the Demin Cartridge.

Once the Cartridge is exhausted, the internal Resin will change colour from a Blue/Green (when new) to a Mustard Yellow, which indicates a cartridge Resin change is required. This is a gradual change and will occur over time. On AUCKLAND CITY WATER, you can obtain approximately 150 Litres of pure Deionised Water from 1 Refillable Cartridge. Cartridge Life differs depending on the Conductivity/TDS of the incoming water supply.

Resin can be Emptied out and Refill Packs Purchased on Demand.  Order as UFS 0296- Refill Packs x 2

Order As:

UFS 0295 Deminimiser-Refillable Cartridge c/w Mounting Pack, Tubing and Tap Connection Set

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