Burette, 10ml, Auto, Dr Schilling for Titration

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Product Code: TS 2021
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Burette Automatic acc. to Dr Schilling 10ml 0.05ml 500ml

  • with automatic zero adjustment
  • class B
  • the Schellbach stripe at the back of the clear glass burette facilitates reading precisely the meniscus of a liquid
  • calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver)
  • with high grade pinchcock
  • complete with plastic bottle and stable plastic base (red)
  • top of burette is provided with an overflow tube
  • bottle and burette are firmly fixed by the fitting
  • suitable for left- and right-handers

Used for Titration Tests for FREE AVAILABLE CHLORINE and TOTAL ALKALINITY at Swimming Pools and Water/Waste Water Treatment Plants

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