Replacement Filter for MURDOCK BF15/BF16

$333.00 NZD
Approx $203.13 USD

Product Code: Murdock Part 003
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Replacement Filter. Quick Connect Screw installation. Automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when filter is removed (in the Filter Head-Not Included). Hands never touch the actual filter media and, therefore, limit the potential for introduction of bacteria. High-grade filter is made with activated carbon and patented media. Radial flow-thru design provides more surface area for untreated water while final filter mesh prevents loose carbon from entering water.

Genuine Omnipure is a quick change water filter with high quality multi stage filtering.The Omnipure  is our recommended water filter when your water source is city/town or rural water and you want Chlorine, Contaminant and Scale removal to minimise beverage equipment maintenance. Omnipure offers you the best water filters in the world.

The Omnipure  fits White Omnipure Q Heads.
The GAC Phosphate media combination in Omnipure Q5586 is designed specifically for extending the life of equipment by reducing chlorine, contaminants and limescale.
The Omnipure  water filter can be used in icemakers, refrigerators, beverage equipment including coffee machines, drinking fountains, under bench systems, RO component systems.

High Capacity: 4731 Litres or 1 Year approx Life

Suits Models:  Murdock, Elkay, Halsey Taylor  (Murdock Filter  Model: 7012-313-000) 

  • Model name: Omnipure 
  • UPC:
  • Size cm: 21 x 6.5
  • Filter Media: Granulated Activated Carbon and Phosphate
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm
  • Filter Life: 4,731 litres or 6 months

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