AquaPolar UNDER BENCH Water Chiller (AUC20)

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The AquaPolar AUC20, remote undersink chiller, is a compact and easy to install appliance. Its White Powder Coated Steel Cabinet simply fits under a sink, or anywhere else where space is at a Premium. It provides the most unobtrusive way to have chilled water on tap, as required, providing fresh, clean with the press of a Lever/Turn of a Tap. Ideal for connecting to Drinking Fountains or Sink Mounted Bubblers.Filteration and Faucets are optional extras.


6 Litres/Hour Cooling Capacity-(Dependant on incoming Water Temperature & Ambient Air Temperature).

See attached Brochure for more details.

Supplied with Designer Series Bench mounted Chrome Plated Ceramic Action Bench Faucet & Tubing.

The Platinum  Designer tap meets AS/NZ Standard 3497:2001 for lead content.


Tested by manufacturer for leak  before shipment

100,000 Times strict cycle test under 125PSI (8.6 bars) high water pressure

Uses  one more o-ring between shank and faucet body

Has  ceramic plate mechanisms

It's only a ΒΌ turn ON/OFF

Inline Water Filter-Optional Extra. We recommend The Doulton HIP or EcoFast Range-Purchase this Separately with 10" Filter Candle


AquaPolar AUC 20 Underbench Chiller c/w Platinum Series Faucet & Tubing/Connectors

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