AquaDualMate- Underbench Boiling and Hot Water System

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Now you can have boiling water and hot water from one unit with the Aqua Dual Mate Series below sink boiling/hot water unit. Aqua Dual mates are compact and sit under the sink, supplying boiling water for tea and coffee via a brass chrome plated boiler faucet and also hotwater to the usual hot faucet/sink mixer at your sink, all from one unit!

  • One size to fit most requirements.
  • 40 Cups Boiling & 12L Hot
  • Ideal for office and work/staff kitchens-Areas where Hot Water Supply is not available.
  • Saves power and space
  • One unique cylinder provides boiling and hot water
  • Simple Installation
  • All main valves supplied, & Boiling Water Bench Mounted Faucet. Sink Mixer/Hot Faucet-Client supplied item.
  • Simple to service if required
  • 1 year warranty
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