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AquaGo MURDOCK A171.8 VR BF BCD OUTDOOR Vandal Resistant Bubbler & Refill Station, Chilled, S/S with Filter

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Product Code: AquaGo 1007 Murdock A171.8 VR BF12 BCD


Barrier-Free Wall Mount Water Cooler with Vandal-Resistant Push Button and Heavy Duty Bottle Filler

This durable, barrier free, wall mounted, water cooler with a heavy duty deck mounted bottle filler is suitable for just about any application. The water cooler features a chiller rated at 8 gallon (30.3 liters) per hour. The cabinet shall be all-stainless steel. Fixture meets ADA, ADA Standing Person, and ADA Child requirements when mounted appropriately. The drink fountain features a round vandal-resistant push button for activation. Murdock's Maintenance Advantage design allows for easy maintenance and installation. Bottle Filler  is sensor activated via 9volt DC for Safety.


Requires 230-240v AC 10-15 Amp Wall Power Socket
               Potable Water Inlet 15mm BSP Male via 350kPA Inline Pressure Limiting Valve
               Waste Oultet: 32-40mm P or S Trap Required.

Specify as: AquaGo 1007 MURDOCK A171.8 VR BF12  BCD

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