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Have you ever wanted to make a cold refreshing drink while having a cup of tea at the same time?

At AquaGo Water/AquaGo-ChemChek, we have an exceptional range of water boiler systems and water chiller systems to choose from. No matter the weather, whether it is a sunny day or rainy afternoon, you can have the right beverage at the perfect temperature to pair. We offer drinks at every temperature from extremely cold to exceptionally steamy. Our line of products ranges from over bench to under bench water chillers and hot water boilers.

These products are perfect to use in canteens, homes, hospitals, offices, schools, tearooms, and other commercial, educational, and residential areas. You choose between a duo or a single option, allowing you to take a sip that hits.

We’ve put our passion and pride into providing you with the finest range of water coolers and under bench instant hot water systems. With over 40 years of experience in the field, we know first and foremost the importance of staying hydrated and refreshed. We supply products to both Australia and New Zealand, with dozens of clients across the two countries. Whether you require a quenching beverage indoors or outdoors, there’s something for everyone at AquaGo-ChemChek.

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Water Boiler Systems
If you’re looking to make a coffee, tea, soups, or simply want to sip on a drink that’s warm and soothing, we provide a range of over and under bench instant hot water systems that are perfect for you. Whether you’re in the office, home, school, sporting clubs, and other residential and commercial areas, you can rely on our line of dispensary equipment to provide you with the perfect drink for autumn, winter, and colder temperatures. Not only do these products serve a practical purpose, but they come in a range of stylish and aesthetically appealing options to choose from. This small and seamless device is perfect for maximising tiny kitchen spaces, allowing you to have enough room to eat and sip your drink.

Aesthetic appealing
Environmentally friendly, reducing the number of bottled drinks
Saves storage space
Variety of designs and styles
Water Chiller Systems
For a drink that is on the colder side, we offer a range of over and under bench water chillers perfect to beat the heat. This is the ideal choice for having a refreshing glass of H2O, making an ice tea, or even sparkling soda. Whether it is a hot, humid summer day, in the middle of spring, or even just sunny weather, our products can keep you fully quenched. These products are designed to improve the overall design, efficiency, and arrangement of your kitchen space. Whether you’re in the office, sporting area, educational facility, or in your home, you’ll have a revitalising beverage at the ready.

Energy efficient
Range of options
Refreshing taste
Stylish & aesthetically pleasing
Why Not Both?
While there are options for one or the other, we also have products that have dual purposes. You can have a drink of any temperature, whether warm or cold, as it includes both a water chiller system to a water boiler system all in one. If you are craving a cup of tea and a cooling drink on your desk, AquaGo-ChemChek can make that happen. You can have the option to choose between these options depending on whether you want a freezing or heated drink. No matter what season, this is available round the clock and all year round. For the perfect cuppa, AquaGo-ChemChek will provide you with the ultimate hydration.

Quenching Quality
At AquaGo Water/AquaGo-ChemChek, we’ve made it our primary objective to keep everyone quenched but not drenched with our premium range of water coolers and hot water boilers. We also offer a variety of products, including hand dryers, testing equipment, fountains, outdoor showers, and much more, depending on your needs. We cater to providing hydration both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are in the office, at school, at home, or on the go, you’ll have a drink in hand. You’ll never have to feel thirsty when you’ve got the ideal machinery to keep you hydrated. For a quenching quality drink, look no further than AquaGo-ChemChek.

Please feel free to speak to our welcoming and highly competent team today to book a quote or if you have any questions regarding our services. Simply call, email, or fill out our enquiry form on our website to get started.

AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet  (ABU2.5T) AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet  (ABU2.5T)

AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet (ABU2.5T)


$0.00 NZD
Approx $0.00 USD
AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet (ABU5T) AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet (ABU5T)

AquaBoil UNDER BENCH Water Boiler & Faucet (ABU5T)


$0.00 NZD
Approx $0.00 USD
AquaDualMate- Underbench Boiling and Hot Water System

AquaDualMate- Underbench Boiling and Hot Water System


$0.00 NZD
Approx $0.00 USD
AquaPolar UNDER BENCH Water Chiller (AUC20) AquaPolar UNDER BENCH Water Chiller (AUC20)

AquaPolar UNDER BENCH Water Chiller (AUC20)


$0.00 NZD
Approx $0.00 USD

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